Migrations to OpenESB

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Migration JCAPS to OpenESB

During the last years, you developed and invested in JCAPS, set up reliable infrastructure and deployed a solid integration platform. Today, your teams are trained and sharpened on JCAPS architecture and development. Nevertheless, a background music tells you that this time is over, JCAPS is a deprecated technology, not improved for many years. Regularly, you receive emails informing you that Oracle support will finish in 2017 and every week, you meet consultants that push you to a “smooth migration” to another integration platform. JCAPS and OpenESB are sibling are share a large part of their code. Since 2010, Pymma helps companies to transfer their applications from JCAPS to OpenESB. During the last 5 years, we migrate hundreds of applications with very few impacts and inexpensive budget. At the same time, we extract our customers from large editors’ pressure, which push them to migrate to other technologies or product. Read more...

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Migration Oracle SOA Suite to OpenESB

Leaving an integration platform from editors such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft or SAP is a not common decision but many arguments can justify this choice.Such decision creates many reluctances in the teams and its application is often slowed down with time, resource and budget constraints on the ground. Migration cost is clearly one of the main brake that stops companies in their decision as well. However, some migrations are easier when the source and the target are similar and use close technologies and development processes. To understand how OpenESB is the easiest and the cheapest alternative to Oracle SOA Suite. Read more...