Pymma consulting

Pymma consulting offers a full range of high-quality integration services from research and development, to information technology diagnostics, system integration design, infrastructure and development consulting.Pymma consultants are senior architects or developers with an international experience in top European and US companies. They all took part in enterprise wide integration projects as architects, development experts or project managers. Many of us are trained, lecturer and teacher at the university. Our skill is based on our extensive real-world experience, our involvement in cutting edge projects such as OpenESB, and our industry leading methods and best practices proven technologies.


Integration and Service Orientation

New partnerships, mergers and acquisitions or reorganisation, require a good integration. It is a key to your success. Sharing data, resources and services are required to develop a great agility and shorter time to market in your company. Integration enables you to use disparate applications within and across organisations to collaborate and exchange to implement new business processes. Together with service orientation, integration helps you to align business and IT entities and create greater alignment between both worlds. Service Orientation is the best way today to decrease the impedance between business need and IT implementation. It is very efficient to promote communication between business and IT reuse with budget saving, reduced time to market and greater business agility. Global competition, reorganisation, government regulation requires flexibility that could be limited by budgetary constraints. Service orientation promotes reuse, limits maintenance and evolution cost and solves the paradox of going faster alone or going further together. “Pymma services” is a light, efficient and comprehensive way of working that help you to federate multi IT resources, data and services, and create an agile ecosystem of independent partners working together to define IT services aligned with your business objectives and growing demands of your customers. Regardless of where you are in the Integration process or whatever your future plans may entail, Pymma Services can help you to design and implement solutions that can show return on investment at each stage of your project. Find out how we can help your company achieve your Service Oriented Integration goals.


Service Oriented Integration Platform

Becoming a flexible and a more innovative business sounds great, but where to implement this Idea? For many years, Pymma has promoted Service Orientation Development through the projects we support. We are deeply involved in OpenESB project and a large part of the project improvements come from our labs. OpenESB is one of the most advanced service oriented platform far beyond the other open source projects and the accurate tool to develop and implement a platform of service. We believe that today, OpenESB is one of the best integration tools to develop services and orchestrate them in new processes. We improve the tools with new enterprise features and assure its reliability and scalability with a new and powerful Enterprise Edition. Pymma offers professional services of consulting, audit, training and development on OpenESB to our customers who process billions of messages on critical application.

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