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  • Internship 2022

    Pymma offers new exciting projects for interns in 2022! Due to the COVID crisis, all the projects can be done remotely. Consequently, we are looking for highly organised and motivated people to join our team. Good Java skill is required and an...

  • OpenESB And Log4j vunerability.

    The Apache community informed us that a vulnerability has been found in the famous library Log4J. Please have a look here. We inform our users that OpenESB is not using LOG4J except for the distributed cache Geode Driver. If you use that plugin,...

Who are we?


Pymma is a European technical bureau created in 1999. It is a worldwide provider of integrated systems and SOA solutions. Pymma Consulting offers a full range of high-quality integration services from research and development, to information technology diagnostics, system integration design, infrastructure and development consulting. We deeply invest in research, method, open source development and we collaborate with universities, engineering schools and governmental organisations to provide the best products and services for our clients. Main contributor and sponsor for the OpenESB project, Pymma is recognised as a major solution provider in service-oriented integration. We transform the way organisations approach integration and service-oriented projects, they can deliver better development experiences, strengthen IT assessment reusing, increase their agility shorten their time to market and ultimately drive better value and revenue. Pymma consultants are senior architects or developers with an international experience in top European and US companies. They all took part in enterprise wide integration projects as architects, development experts or project managers.

Papers & resources

  • OpenESB book for Advanced users

    Written by Ernesto Exposito and Codé Diop, “Smart SOA Platforms in Cloud Computing Architectures” is a book which intended to introduce the principles of the Event-Driven and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA 2.0) and its role in the new...

  • OpenESB Monitoring Framework Overview

      Introduction to the OpenESB monitoring framework You can use OpenESB monitoring framework to extract, at the runtime, technical and business information from the OpenESB BPEL and publish them to create reports, generate alerts or event to monitor...

Why OpenESB Enterprise Edition


OpenESB is today a strategic tool for IT teams who develop with success service oriented integration projects. More and more companies use OpenESB to design and develop critical projects with an enterprise scope. With OpenESB, they implemented reliable and scalable applications and process billions of messages for a high ROI. To move from departmental to Enterprise applications, OpenESB required new improvements to meet user’s demands. Companies expressed strong needs for enterprise features such as security, monitoring, management with a strong and efficient technical support. To take into account this evolution, Pymma issued a new advanced edition for OpenESB that meets these new requirements. We named it “OpenESB Standalone Enterprise Edition (OE EE)”. Fully compatible with the community edition, OpenESB EE embedded enterprise features demanded by OpenESB users. Read more ...

"OpenESB allows a traceability and a consistent development from the business use cases to the final implementation of the process."

Marti P. Vico

OpenESB allows a traceability and a consistent development process from the BPNM diagram for the final implementation of the procedure.



Service Oriented Development Process

Rebecca development process is a simple and easy framework defined by Pymma's architects to design and develop applications and architectures with a service orientation. The main principle of Rebecca is to be a simple and a structured approach understandable by teams and people working in IT. Read More...



OpenESB Certification

OpenESB Certification for developers and Certification for architect are high level tests that require knowledge and effort. Being successful to these test the proof you master integration, service orientation and OpenESB. Pymma propose you to challenge your skill and gain recognition for your knowledge.


Pymma builds new sales channels for retail groups. On the internet, competitors are everywhere and every day, new selling processes are made up to attract new customers and increase their sales. Read more...


Pymma helps the governmental organisations to provide the best services to the citizen who expects to find the same level of services than the private organisation. Read more...


Universities OpenESB to teach ESB, SOA and Integration concepts. Simple and accessible, OpenESB is the only open source platform which combines Enterprise Service Bus and a strong service orientation. Read more ...


Every day, new ideas, new services impact the current business.Proactive banks rely on Pymma consulting and support,to implement new services and business processes to match customers and requirements and needs. Read more ...