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You will find in this page, documentation on OpenESB Enterprise Edition written by Pymma’s architect and developer. The documents are the fruits of many years of work on OpenESB project development and research. We try to put essential and critical informations that will help you during OpenESB developments. We wrote the documentation more as user guide or a tutorial that an exhaustive list of features. We tried our best to put precise and accurate information in our documents but some details could be inaccurate and some others missing. Please feel free to contact us and send your feedback and comments

Many other papers, documentation and tutorials on OpenESB can be found on OpenESB community web site.


Doc Number



770-001 OpenESB EE installation Install and set up OpenESB Studio, OpenESB instance and OpenESB components
770-002 OpenESB EE Hello world Classical Hello World with OpenESB. Give you a first test of OpenESB capabilities
770-003 OpenESB EE Web console Learn how setup and manage OpenESB Enterprise Edition with your browser
770-004 OpenESB EE Admin Guide Administrator Guide for OpenESB Enterprise Edition
770-005 OpenESB EE JNDI Support Set up a JNDI context to create defined connection to your databases
770-006 OpenESB EE Multiple environments Use Application variables and Configuration variables to remove dependency between OpenESB configuration and your environment
770-007 OpenESB EE: Admin CLI OEAdmin is command line tool used to set use OpenESB, install components and deploy composite applications
770-008 OpenESB EE multi instance mode Learn how to set up OpenESB in a multi instances mode and take advantage of OpenESB scalability
770-009 OpenESB EE CASA Editor.pdf Learn how to OpenESB Composite appplicaiton editor and learn how to organise your Service Units and Composite Application
770-010 OpenESB EE Optimisation OpenESB optimisation on production. Best configuration and JDK parameters optimisation.
770-011 OpenESB EE Executive presentation OpenESB explained to business people and IT managers
770-012 OpenESB EE JMS Connection Learn how to set up OpenESB EE connection to message system such as Open MQ
770-013 OpenESB EE IEP Component IEP Intelligent Event Process is one of the most powerful features of OpenESB. Jump to the Event Processing world with OpenESB.
770-014 OpenESB EE Guarantee of Delivery OpenESB has many features to increase the consistency of your application and the guarantee of delivery of your project. This document lists the main features offered by OE EE with exhaustive explanations of your project.
770-015 OpenESB EE Framework monitoring Overview OpenESB monitoring framework is used to extract, at the runtime, technical and business information from the OpenESB BPEL and publish them to create reports, generate alerts or event to monitor your processes and your business.
770-016 OpenESB REST BC User Guide Learn how to use OpenESB EE REST BC to create a backend API to access to your business processes and publish them through a REST API.
770-101 Mainframe Integration User Guide Part 01 This user guide describes how to use the OpenESB Copy Cobol encoder (cocoencoder) to receive and sent Cobol messages (from or) to a mainframe.
770-102 Mainframe Integration User Guide Part 02 The second part of the tutorial explains how to process batch files and use IBM MQ to exchange with a mainframe.
770-104 Introduction to OpenESB Business Monitoring A high-level introduction to OpenESB Business Monitoring and comparison with Technical Monitoring.