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VICO open modelling is an engineering company based in Barcelona (Spain), acting worldwide since 1990. It provides training and coaching on standard information models (UML), health information standards (HL7 & IHE), integrated delivery platforms (OpenESB), agile methodologies (SCRUM), and standardized medical terminologies (UMLS). HL7 & IHE company member, VICO has a great skill and background on medical standard and integration. Its main strengths are:

  • E-Health interoperability project management: with service-oriented architecture, agile methodologies and open platforms based on a service bus (OpenESB).
  • Clinical practice process models design, based on HL7 standards, IHE profiles & frameworks, and open clinical reference information models based on HL7 RIM, OpenEHR & CIMI.
  • Development of deliverables on specifying requirements, business processes, use cases, and interoperability of health information systems through Enterprise Application Architecture.
  • Deployment of terminology services to achieve semantic interoperability aimed at improving the quality of life of patients, medical decision support and sustainability of the health care organizations.
  • Evangelisation on clinical document engineering platforms based on the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standard, and Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA).

Partner, founder of Clinical Document Engineering (CDE)