Integration Architect Certification


OpenESB certification for architect is one of the most complete and hands-on certification on service oriented integration. It requires a great understanding of integration architecture, a hands-on skill on OpenESB. After passing your OpenESB certification for developer, you will be asked to design in detail a full integration project.
You currently work on large integration projects with service oriented technologies for many years as an architect or senior developer. You require your skill and cognition to be validated and recognized by your peers, Pymma proposes you a challenging certification on Service Oriented technologies and OpenESB.
Passing OpenESB certification for architect validates your skill and knowledge on Integration, architecture, service oriented design, integration technologies and evidence you are able to use your knowledge in a tangible project.
The certification takes place in three steps:
•    Test your theoretical knowledge on Architecture, integration, service orientation and OpenESB
•    Design and specify a full integration project with OpenESB
•    Upgrade your specification in a short time and prove your design is agile and upgradable
If you success to these tests you will pass one of the most challenging test on integration and service orientation and will be a Certified Architect for OpenESB. No need to say that this challenge will be useful for any other integration technologies and products.
Three steps to test your knowledge

1-Questionnaire on service oriented integration and OpenESB
The first test you must pass is a set of questions on a large scope of on integration knowledge, SOA technologies and OpenESB. The test lasts 90 minutes for 60 questions. The passing score is 70%. Language: English.

2-Full integration project
For the second step of the certification, you have to design, document a full integration project and provide specification for OpenESB implementation. Pymma sends to you business requirement and technical specifications to the applicants. Your work will be assessed on:
•    Specification understanding
•    Design and documentation quality.
•    Best practices usage
•    Reliability
•    Scalability


3-Upgrade your project
If you fulfil the requirements and follows the best practices in integration, you will be asked to modify your project and implement new requirements in a short delay. Once the modification and the evolution implemented, you send us back the project. We will evaluate your ability to implement easily evolution and new features. If you success to this last challenge, you will pass the certification.
More information on OpenESB Certification Architect, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.