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Since more than three years, Pymma is deeply involved in the OpenESB community. We are one of its founders and main sponsors. Thanks to time and budget investments, to our expert’s skill and our partnership with the most active committers in the community: Logicoy (www.logicoy.com), NevaOpen (http://www.nevaopen.ru) and IntegratedApps (http://www.integrated-apps.com), we developed a unique competence network on OpenESB. By starting a partnership with Pymma, you will benefit from this network and make it available for your projects and your development teams. Kick off with OpenESB and take advantage to the best ESB open source. Contact us at : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Welcome to Pymma Consulting web site!

Pymma is technical architect's office based in UK (London main office), Netherland, France and Canada. Founded in 1999 by a group of technical architects Pymma built a strong expertise in technical architectures based on Java technologies.

Pymma has a strong expertise in Service Oriented Integration with JBI based open source product OpenESB. It participates actively in the OpenESB community by publishing technical papers and tutorials and sponsoring actively the community. Pymma is involved in important JBI /OpenESB/Java CAPS European projects and delivers consulting, training, mentoring, proof-of-concepts (POC), benchmarks and support to its customers along their projects

Pymma partners are mainly senior architects, multi-languagespeakers with an international experience in top European and US companies. They all took part in enterprise wide project as architect

Pymma is a Java certified Enterprise Architect Company, Open ESB partner and TOGAF certified



OpenESB paper

Connecting OpenESB JMS BC with an external OpenMQ HA Cluster

This paper explains how to set up the JMS Binding Component and connect OpenESB applications with an external Open MQ brokers cluster in High Availability mode (External means not embedded in Glassfish Application Server). We test how the connection between the binding component and the cluster behaves when one or more brokers fail in the cluster.

Our objective is to specify how to configure OpenESB JMS BC without using Glassfish Server abilities.  We tested two JMS BC configurations. The first relies on JMSJCA technology. Very easy to configure it is used as reference in many OpenESB lessons and tutorials.  The second configuration relies directly on java naming API (JNDI) to access to the broker. Here, connections to the brokers are defined by the Connection Factory and destination object parameters. Even if using JNDI configuration is a bit more complex but is centralised in a shared file or an LDAP server. Our tests did not highlight difference between the two configurations. Both configurations provided a real High Availability. [If someone get other results to his/her tests, we will be very pleased to have a discussion and exchange ideas and results. Please contact us at: contact (at) Pymma.com]

Link to the document


OpenESB paper

BPEL Compensation complet guide

Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About BPEL Compensation But Were Afraid to Ask ;-).
BPEL compensation is one of the main feature used to provide consistency in a business process. Unfortunately, BPEL tutorials often skip this part of Oasis specifications. Even if on Internet you can find papers on that topic, few propose a complete and progressive explanation with simple exercises. It is the reason why we decided to write a complete tutorial which covers all the features defined in BPEL Specifications. We hope that this paper will be useful for you. Please send us your feedback and your comment. Link to the document