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Data analytic: Apache Geode – A successful alternative to Kafka, Spark and Storm

Data analytic: Apache Geode – A successful alternative to Kafka, Spark and Storm


Pymma ( is one the OpenESB project leaders ( and continuously works on OpenESB improvements and new features to offer the best Extended Service Bus on the market. Our Extended Service Bus covers a very large scope of applications from Internet of Thing, Integration of Services, Domain-Drive Design to Streaming Application or Event Processing.

One of the main OpenESB features is the orchestration of services based on a powerful BPEL engine. OpenESB BPEL engine generates a large amount of information about the running processes, useful for process analysis. Further to our customers' requests, we recently improved the BPEL engine to easily extract the information available during the process executions. Once our improvement completed, we evaluated that some of our customers could generate tens of billions of messages every day on their multi instances production systems.

OpenESB has not been designed to aggregate and analyse such amount of data. So, our architects decided not to rely on OpenESB to gather and analyse the messages coming from our orchestration system, but on an external application designed for this purpose.

This tiers application must fulfil four main requirements: ingest the flow of messages, put them together in only one place, aggregate the messages for further analysis then store the result of this aggregation on a persistence system queryable with a SQL like language.


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