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OpenESB Enterprise Edition

Web and Mobile channels are the new challenges to retails groups. On internet, competitors are everywhere and every day and new selling processes are made up to attract new customers and increase their sales. Agility, short time to market is absolutely necessary to compete efficiently and fight on an equal footing with the competitors. To get them, reuse and services composition are the keys to success. Large retail groups success to set up platform of reusable services with OpenESB. They quickly implement new business processes and manage billions of customers’ requests.


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As a major actor on the worldwide DIY market, Leroy Merlin helps residents and homeowners with their home-improvement projects. The group is present in 13 countries around the world. Leroy Merlin decided to review its website architecture and set up a services bus (OpenESB) as the communication channel between the web server and its back office. Leroy Merlin leverages OpenESB for access and orchestration of back office services (client repository, loyalty, order management, inventory management and project management) and external services (Address recovery management planning…).


Kiabi 01

Kiabi is a French retail company specialising in ready-to-wear clothes for the whole family. Present in 8 countries with more than 400 shops, Kiabi aims to keep on expanding the chain, particularly by establishing new retail outlets in France, Southern Europe and Russia. Kiabi’s team develop a large middleware with OpenESB to implement new business processes that involve logistic, provider, warehouse, shop. Kiabi processes hundreds of millions of messages every month on its new middleware.