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Pymma is organising two free half-day seminars in the USA to present OpenESB V 3.1. OpenESB: The Open Extended Service Bus has been dramatically improved in response to new integration challenges. The seminars are intended to present the new features developed by the OpenESB community and Pymma’s team.

OpenESB has widened its application scope and improved its capability on many topics.

Intelligent message routing: OpenESB message routing has been completely reviewed to provide a powerful flexibility. For each connection, you can define how OpenESB chooses the best service implementation. OpenESB considers the running context and applies predesigned routine algorithms (response time, number of failures, version) or your routing algorithms to route your messages to the best service implementation for your message.

Service composition: Our developers have achieved wonderful results with the OpenESB services Composition. Whatever the service-oriented application you develop (classical SOA or Microservices), you can always deploy your development with the granularity that fits your design. The OpenESB community implemented a new import-export feature for the service references to easen the communication and exchanges between teams.

Big Data: The OpenESB architecture based on multi-instances deployment proved its capability to process billions of messages on production on a daily basis. Connections to Big Data products have been added to access or to store this amount of information. OpenESB v3. 1 provides access to the Big Data world through many connectors such as the Apache Kafka Connector ( or the Apache Geode Connector (

Internet of Things: OpenESB v3.1 comes along with a new MQTT connector ( MQTT is the most used Machine to Machine protocol on the market. OpenESB V3.1 receives and processes IOT messages from any devices (Street Light, Container, Counter…) and embedded them in your business processes.

Better and Easier Scalability: Using stateless processes to improve scalability is one of the main rules of IT Architecture. OpenESB v3. 1 implements a new unique native and an effortless feature to share a business context between multiple instances and makes the stateful features such as the correlation useless. This new feature improves dramatically the scalability of the business processes running with OpenESB.

Monitoring: OpenESB offers a new powerful framework to monitor your business processes and to generate reporting and dashboard. OpenESB publishes technical logs and business traces to many persistence systems: file, relational database, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Kafka, Apache Geode, Google Big Data, Microsoft Power BI…


The seminars will take place on 30th November 2017(14h-17h) in Manhattan New York and on 6th December 2017 (14h-17h) in San Francisco (CA).

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